Aslan the Siegebreaker

Aslan the Siegebreaker

The wealth Aslan’s parents believed their daughter would inherit, were seized through treachery before she was born. Her mother successfully fled the betrayal, though died delivering her first and only child into destitution. Aslan was raised in poverty by sympathetic outcasts; left with only a torn scroll as connection to the past. While immensely grateful to her adoptive caretakers, such life diminished opportunities to reclaim her birthright.

Aslan eventually joined a troop of Turanian mercenaries, possessing colossal strength and exceptional unarmed fighting. Her moment of glory occurred during the siege of a Hyrkanian fortress. In heroism unseen since Acheron and Atlantis, she alone brought down its vaunted impregnable gates. As reward Aslan was released from compulsory enlistment.

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, is a tabletop role-playing game published by Modiphius Entertainment, based upon the iconic barbarian and legendary world created by Robert E. Howard.

Homeland Kush Archetype Mercenary
Attributes Fast and Fit, Warrior-born Nature Sneaky
Caste Outcast Education Path of the Warrior
(CONAN the Adventurer, page 19)
Story The Charity of Honest Men War Story Defeated a Savage Beast
Trait Honor Debt Language Kushite, Turanian
Agi Awr Brw Cor Int Per Wil
10 8 14 10 7 7 7
Skill Exp Focus TN Skill Exp Focus TN
Acrobatics 3 3 13 Parry 3 3 13
Animal Handling 2 2 9 Persuade 1 1 8
Athletics 5 5 19 Ranged Weapons 3 3 13
Melee 3 3 13 Stealth 2 2 12
Observation 2 2 10 Thievery 1 1 9
Ancient Bloodline (Kushite: Gallah): Whenever Aslan fails a Personality test, she is roused to pride, scoffing at the ways of the upstart Hyborians.
Brutal Brawler: Aslan can ignore the effects of the Improvised Quality, and increase the damage of the basic Improvised Attack by +1D.
Embittered: Within the borders of Kush, Embittered reduces Aslan’s Social Standing by 2, and as a result, reduces the cost of her Upkeep.
Might: On any test to lift or move an inanimate object, Aslan may roll a bonus d20, though the normal limit of three bonus d20s still applies.
Puglist: Aslan can add the Knockdown Quality to all Melee attacks.
Strong Back: For any Athletics test that generates at least one success, Aslan generates one additional success. Further, her Encumbrance limit is increased by 1.
Strife: Each day when in Kush, Aslan can make a free Simple (D0) Lore test. Each point of Momentum gives her a general idea as to whether there will be a major disturbance that day.
Survivor: When Aslan is deprived of obvious sources of food and water, she can reduce the Difficulty of Survival tests by one. This may reduce tests to Simple (D0).
Fortune Renown Standing Gold Upkeep
2 0 0 7 3
2 spears stained with blood, shield, suit of mail armor (Armor 3: All; Noisy), fur and pelt clothing sewn with thread, small leather scroll case containing parchment writ with a family secret, riding horse, baggage mule
Courage Vigor Resolve
0 14 7
Brawl (M): Reach 1, 7D, 1H, Knockdown, Stun
Spear (M): Reach 3, 8D, Unbalanced, Knockdown, Piercing 1
Shield (M): Reach 2, 6D, 1H, Knockdown, Shield 2
Impossible Feat of Might (T): Range M, 5D mental, Area, Stun
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