Name: Nanashi Gombei
Rank: Chunin
Age: 164
Sex: Male
Faction: Hasuba Ninja Army
Cover: Toxicologist
Conviction: Self

Bloodstream laced with lethal poisons. Olympian dexterity and durable physique despite advance age. Lack of ambition averts promotion beyond Chunin. Upset at the ineptitude of younger generations when forced out of retirement, “one last time,” to chaperone a mission.

“Has our Clan reduced the qualification standards to become Chunin?”

Life ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐
Skills Technology / Engineering, Acupuncture, Torture, Speed, Poison, Analysis
Ninpo Close Combat (Poison), Ranged Combat (Acupuncture), Poison Eater, Tough, Mechaninja: Vampirism (Engineering)
Ohgi Dim Mak (Poison): Fugu tetrodotoxin concentrated to an incomprehensible extreme. This Ohgi is used in place of an attack. Choose a character that is within one Plot Value as the target. Choose four Categories at random by rolling dice, and the target marks those Life Points as lost. If a Category is chosen where the Life Point has already been marked, the target may choose which remaining Category to mark instead.
Notes Roleplay as an elderly toxicologist whose experimentation has gifted him unnatural longevity. Battles opponents through poisons and acupuncture. Possesses techniques that transfers a target’s lifespan to extend his own.

Signature Ninpo: Life Transference [Plot Value 3] (Ranged Combat + Mechaninja: Vampirism)

Shin Kyūketsuki

Shin Kyūketsuki

Name: Suizei no Ketsueki
Rank: Chunin
Age: 2654
Sex: Male
Faction: Bloodline of Oni
Cover: Curator
Conviction: Order

Descended from an ancient, powerful vampire lineage immune to sunlight. Seeks to cultivate fledglings and reign over a reborn coven. Aligned with the Bloodline of Oni for convenience, not camaraderie. Often struggles with technological devices; hopeless with modern computers.

“Be not be afraid. Thou shalt become an immortal, beautiful bride.”

Life ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐
Skills Sorcery / Hydromancy, Unholy Strength, Contacts, Transformation, Necromancy, Domination
Ninpo Close Combat (Unholy Strength), Crushing Blow (Hydromancy), Strategic Command (Contacts), Vortex of Blood (Transformation), Vampirism (Necromancy)
Ohgi Everlasting Undeath (Necromancy): Pureblood vampires regenerate grievous injuries with instantaneous ease. This Ohgi can be used at any time. Recover Life Points equal to the roll of 1d6 minus the number of times this Ohgi has been used this session – including the current use, so the first use of this Ohgi recovers 1d6-1 LP. In addition, any Status Ailments are removed.
Notes Roleplay as an immortal vampire. Hydromancy for blood magic. Unholy Strength for superhuman feats. Contacts for thralls and familiars. Transformation for shapeshifting. Necromancy for undead magic. Domination for mind control.

Signature Ninpo: Blood Eclipse [Plot Value 3] (Crushing Blow + Vortex of Blood + Vampirism)