Minoan Tauran Brigand

Minoan Tauran Brigand

Sold to nomadic mercenaries as a child, Boreas’ developed into a hardened veteran. He fought in the throne room of the Naga King during the Battle of the Serpent Kingdoms. He served alongside Andamen soldiers to cull ghoul hordes in the Great Darkness War. Yet it was not until Boreas shipwrecked along the shore of a Mediterranean temple that he experienced freedom. Recovering from his injuries the Minotaur adventured across Europa, eventually discovering the truth behind his enslavement.

Atlantis: the Second Age, is a tabletop role-playing game published by Khepera Publishing. It falls within the same genre as Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, published by Modiphius Entertainment. The rules in Atlantis are notably more time consuming to resolve than Conan; however that complexity facilitates player character diversity. Khepera Publishing also tackles integration of unsavory setting elements (such as drugs, incest, and slavery) more directly than Modiphius Entertainment.

–1 +0 +0 +0 +7 +0 +5 +0 +3 –2
Hit Point Hero Points Renown WR
30 5 7 +1
Skills Athletics +2, Evade +8, Influence +5, Instinct +3, Investigate/Search +2, Language (Atlantean) +10, Language (Hellene) +10, Literacy (Hellene) +2, Lore (Navigation) +3, Lore (Theology) +2, Parry +4, Pilot (Boat) +2, Profession (Criminal) +10, Unarmed Fighting +5, Weapon (Melee) +10, Weapon (Ranged) +10
Talents Cleave, Second Wind
Starting Gear Full Suit of Heavy Armor, Dagger, Great Sword, Traveler’s Gear, Horse
Racial Abilities Blood of the Andaman, Bull Charge, Natural Weapons, Silver Allergy, Strong as a Bull

Upbringing [4]: Savage. Born a slave. +1 Language (Atlantean)

Childhood Encounter [6,3]: Met someone you believed to be a god in a grove of trees. He told you a story of your future.

Family Status [10]: Family status is on the rise but tenuous.

Previous Adventure I – The Warrior Path [16,19,11]: Sold into slavery where you toiled for years (double the time spent) and branded on your face as a slave. +1 Weapon (Ranged), +8 Years to Age

Previous Adventure II – The Warrior Path [10,20,13]: You were instrumental in the downfall of the Naga King in the Battle of the Serpent Kingdoms. +1 Weapon (Ranged), +3 Years to Age

Previous Adventure III – The Warrior Path [8,14,7]: Fought bravely during the Great Darkness War and killed many revenants. +1 Weapon (Ranged), +2 Renown, Full Suit of Heavy Armor, +4 Years to Age

Previous Adventure IV – The Warrior Path [1,12,16]: Studied at a small temple in the Mediterranean Sea for a year and learned at the feet of a wise old woman. +1 Weapon (Ranged), +4 Language (Atlantean), +3 Years to Age

Previous Adventure V – The Warrior Path [7,3,17,8]: A parent is your enemy because you foiled their insidious plot and were hailed as a Hero. They will work with your other enemies to kill you. +1 Weapon (Ranged), +4 Years to Age

Customization Points: +2 STR, +3 CON, Cleave

Disadvantages Level Notes
Relationship 2 Remains indebted to comrades from the Great Darkness War and Battle of the Serpent Kingdoms. If asked for help, he will do everything possible to assist them.
Internal 2 Experiences blood lust in battle. Inflicts excessive injuries and revels in the carnage unleashed. Enjoys the thrill of mindless combat.
External 1 Body occasionally aches from old wounds… especially those of spell origin. No amount of medicine or treatment seems to cure them.

Destiny: Control the city-states of Minoa through extortion and blackmail as Overlord of the criminal syndicates.

Fate: Castrated and sold as a eunuch slave to work the copper mines of Athens.

Renown Improvement
50 +3 Athletics, +1 Instinct (Initiative), +3 Resolve, +3 Weapon (Melee)
100 +1 CON, +3 Athletics, +1 Instinct (Initiative), +3 Resolve, +3 Weapon (Melee)
150 +3 Athletics, +1 Instinct (Initiative), +3 Resolve, +3 Weapon (Melee)
200 +1 CON, +3 Athletics, +1 Instinct (Initiative), +3 Resolve, +3 Weapon (Melee)
250 +3 Athletics, +1 Instinct (Initiative), +3 Resolve, +3 Weapon (Melee)
300 +3 Athletics, +1 Instinct (Initiative), +3 Resolve, +3 Weapon (Melee)
Great Sword (2H) WR DoD –2
12 b   9.7 kg +3
Dagger WR DoD +0
+2 6 ✓⭍† 0.9 kg +0
Heavy Full Suit WR DoD –4
10 20 kg +6