Conan of Cimmeria

Conan of Cimmeria

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, is a tabletop role-playing game published by Modiphius Entertainment, based upon the iconic barbarian and legendary world created by Robert E. Howard. Each major sourcebook features a short section entitled, “Hihter Came Conan…“, which catalogs an evolving character sheet for the Cimmerian. Chronologically this begins with Conan the Thief and ends with Conan the King.

Interesting enough, Conan has an illegal build, even if one ignores talents not cited elsewhere in the product line (except his character sheets). In addition, Conan, as featured in Conan the Thief, is not an example of him at his earliest start. The entry has applied dozens of experience points. I made an attempt to extrapolate an inexperienced version of Conan, based on “Hihter Came Conan…” without the house rules. One who is a young man yet to begin the world spanning adventures that transform him into a timeless legend.

“Jack of all trades, master of none,” describes the Modiphius framework for their Conan. Strong an ox, multiple skills, decent swordsmanship; but lacks charisma and fails to dominate in combat.

Homeland Cimmeria Archetype Barbarian
Attributes Fast and Fit, Fast and Fit Nature Proud (CONAN the Barbarian, page 13)
Caste Barbaric (CONAN the Barbarian, page 6) Education Educated on the Battlefield
Story Born on a Battlefield War Story Defeated a Savage Beast
Trait Born to Battle Language Cimmerian, Aquilonian
Agi Awr Brw Cor Int Per Wil
10 9 13 8 8 7 8
Skill Exp Focus TN Skill Exp Focus TN
Acrobatics 2 2 12 Melee 4 4 14
Animal Handling 2 2 9 Observation 1 1 10
Athletics 1 1 14 Parry 2 2 10
Command 1 1 8 Resistance 1 1 14
Counsel 1 1 8 Society 1 1 8
Discipline 1 1 9 Stealth 1 1 11
Healing 1 1 9 Survival 2 2 11
Insight 1 1 10 Thievery 1 1 10
Lore 1 1 9
Ancient Bloodline (Atlantean): Conan is quick to anger, fierce and indomitable, and he often experiences glimpses into the vastness of time, insights at times of extreme peril or danger.
Courageous: Conan may re-roll a single d20 on any Discipline test, though the second result stands. He gains 1 Courage Soak.
Deflection: When making a Defend Reaction using the Parry skill, Conan can reduce the number of points added to Doom by 1, to a minimum of 0. This stacks with the weapon’s Parrying quality.
Hunter: When in the rural parts of Cimmeria, the number of successes required for any Survival tests Conan attempts is reduced by 1, even if this reduces the Difficulty of the test to Simple (D0).
No Mercy: When making a Melee attack, Conan may re-roll one damage dice, if desired. You must accept the results of the re-rolls.
Savage Dignity: Conan may roll an additional d20 for any test to resist being intimidated, persuaded, or impressed by a “civilized” person. This is usually a Discipline test, but can extend to Personality-based tests such as Command or Society. (CONAN the Barbarian, page 7)
Sharp Senses: Conan may re-roll one d20 when making an Observation test, but he must accept the new result.
Uncivilized: Conan suffers one step of Difficulty in Social tests when dealing with people from more civilized countries. On the other hand, his Upkeep cost is reduced by 2 Gold. (CONAN the Barbarian, page 7)
Fortune Renown Standing Gold Upkeep
2 0 1 7 2
broadsword still stained in places with the blood of those it has slain, 2 daggers, shield, ragged furs which count as Heavy Clothing (Armor 1: Torso/Arms/Legs), deerskin leggings and a heavy hooded cloak, a solid well-crafted armband made of copper, battlefield honor
Courage Vigor Resolve
1 14 9
Broadsword (M): Reach 2, 7D, Unbalanced, Parrying
Shield (M): Reach 2, 5D, 1H, Knockdown, Shield 2
Dagger (M): Reach 1, 6D, 1H, Hidden 1, Parrying, Thrown, Unforgiving 1
Steely Glare (T): Range C, 2D mental, Stun
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