Corvus the Sagittarii

Corvus the Sagittarii

A man of seething spite, Covus survived unbroken decades on the battlefield. The bastard son of an Aquilonian soldier, he was abandon amongst militiamen as an infant. Raised to master the Bossonian bow, Covus became an archer whose exceptional marksmanship has slain many bandits and invaders from safe distance. Even as he approaches advance age, his sharp vision and steady precision remains undiminished.

In “retirement” Corvus become an adventurer. He does so not for wealth, not to witness wonders of the world, but to find purpose. Did the gods intend him to be an inconsequential nobody history casts aside and forgets? In truth, Covus already knows the cruel answer. Yet stubborn pride refuses to accept fate. Thus he travels across distant seas and far continents, in search of immortal glory.

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, is a tabletop role-playing game published by Modiphius Entertainment, based upon the iconic barbarian and legendary world created by Robert E. Howard. This adventurer meets all five requirements to qualify as a Bossonian Archer (CONAN the Scout, page 28) at campaign start.

Homeland Bossonian Marches Archetype Archer
Attributes Dexterous, Eagle-eyed Nature Wrathful
Caste Garrison Soldier (CONAN the Scout, page 7) Education Life in the Garrison (CONAN the Scout, page 15)
Story Born to the Garrison (CONAN the Scout, page 11) War Story Dispossessed
Trait Common by Birth (CONAN the Scout, page 11) Language Aquilonian, Nemedian
Agi Awr Brw Cor Int Per Wil
9 10 8 12 8 7 8
Skill Exp Focus TN Skill Exp Focus TN
Acrobatics 1 1 10 Parry 3 3 15
Animal Handling 1 1 8 Ranged Weapons 5 5 17
Command 1 1 8 Resistance 2 2 10
Discipline 2 2 10 Stealth 1 1 10
Melee 3 3 12 Survival 2 2 12
Observation 3 3 13
Accurate: When making an attack with a ranged weapon, Corvus may re-roll 3 damage dice. He must accept the result of the re-rolls.
Bossonian Archer: When using a Bossonian bow, add the Fearsome Quality to Corvus’ attacks. Conversely, any other type of bow feels wrong to Corvus, and when using such a bow his Difficulty is increased by one step. (CONAN the Scout, page 17)
Hunter: When in the rural parts of the Bossonian Marches, the number of successes required for any Survival tests Corvus attempts is reduced by 1, even if this reduces the Difficulty of the test to Simple (D0).
Marksman: Corvus may spend a Minor Action before attempting a ranged attack. When he does this, Corvus gains 1 additional Momentum to use for the attack.
Regimented: Corvus may reroll any failed d20s when attempting Society or Command rolls with military non-player characters, but must accept the results of the second roll. Additionally, his Upkeep cost between adventures is halved if Corvus is quartered in a military barracks or with soldiers assigned to a garrison. (CONAN the Scout, page 8)
Sharp Senses: Corvus may re-roll one d20 when making an Observation test, but he must accept the new result.
Strife: Each day when in the Bossonian Marches, Corvus can make a free Simple (D0) Lore test. Each point of Momentum gives him a general idea as to whether there will be a major disturbance that day.
Fortune Renown Standing Gold Upkeep
3 0 1 8 4
bossonian longbow and 2 reloads, a knight’s sword, dagger, brigandine hauberk (Armor 2: Arms/Torso), brigandine vest and trousers (Armor 2: Torso/Legs), deerskin leggings and a heavy hooded cloak, an ornate symbol of faith, battlefield honor, riding horse
Courage Vigor Resolve
0 10 10
Bossonian Longbow (R): Range M, 7D, 2H, Fearsome, Piercing 1, Volley
Sword (M): Reach 2, 4D, 1H, Parrying
Dagger (M): Reach 1, 3D, 1H, Hidden 1, Parrying, Thrown, Unforgiving 1
Knife to the Throat (T): Range R, 4D mental, Stun, Vicious 1
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