CRB-43 Crab

CRB-43 Crab

Exclusive to House Kurita regiments, CRB-43 are factory rebuilds of CRB-20 from Operation ROSEBUD. Deciphering Helm Memory Core schematics, Draconis Combine factories could restore endo steel and ferro-fibrous technologies. Furthermore, to align with DCMS Quartermaster preferences, its main armaments were shifted to particle projector cannons. Though analysts dismiss the CRB-43 as banal equivalents to the legendary Star League CRB-27b, heavy particle projector cannons are BattleMech decapitators. An uncommon outcome, but a trait no previous Crab variant could boast.

Mass: 50 tons
Chassis: Hollis Mark 1A Endo Steel
Power Plant: Magna 250 Fusion Engine
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Maximum Speed: 86 kph
Jump Jets: None
    Jump Capacity: None
Armor: New Samarkand Royal Ferro-Fibrous
    2 Lord’s Light 4 Light Particle Projector Cannons
    1 Lord’s Light 3 Heavy Particle Projector Cannon
    1 ExoStar Small Laser
Manufacturer: New Samarkand Metals
    Primary Factory: Xinyang
Communications System: Garret T11-b
Targeting and Tracking System: Garret D2j

Tech Base: Inner Sphere
Role: Skirmisher
Battle Value: 1,474
Cost: 6,051,875 C-Bills

Equipment                                                                 Mass
Internal Structure:                Endo Steel                              2.5
Engine:                               250                                 12.5
    Walking MP:                        5
    Running MP:                        8
    Jumping MP:                        0
Heat Sinks:                         12 (24)                                 2
Gyro (Compact):                                                            4.5
Cockpit:                                                                    3
Armor Factor (Ferro-Fibrous):         161                                   9
                                   Internal             Armor
                                   Structure            Value
    Head                               3                  9
    Center Torso                      16                 20
    Center Torso (rear)                                   8
    L/R Torso                         12                 16
    L/R Torso (rear)                                      6
    L/R Arm                            8                 16
    L/R Leg                           12                 24

Weapons and Ammo                   Location           Critical            Mass
Light PPC                             RA                  2                 3
Small Laser                           HD                  1                0.5
Heavy PPC                             CT                  4                10
Light PPC                             LA                  2                 3
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