Halfling Defender Duelist

Halfling Defender Duelist

Defensive frontline melee for challenging mode difficulty (or lower) in Pathfinder Kingmaker. Effective from fourth level. Capitalizes on experience points obtained via successful Persuasion and Trickery skill checks. Endgame weapon of choice is Bloodhound, obtainable during Chapter Two by exploiting dimension door in Lonely Barrow.

Ability Scores
Strength 8 Intelligence 16
Dexterity 17 Wisdom 14
Constitution 14 Charisma 10
Knowledge (World) 5, Mobility 3, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth 2, Trickery, Use Magic Device 19
Level Class Bonus Class Features Selected Options
1 Aldori Defender +1 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Dueling Sword), Fighter Proficiency Feat: Dodge, Combat Bonus Feat: Weapon Focus (Dueling Sword)
2 Thug +1 Frightening, Rogue Proficiency, Sneak Attack +1d6, Weapon Finesse
3 Thug +2 Evasion, Sneak Attack +2d6 Feat: Accomplished Sneak Attacker, Rogue Talent (Combat Trick: Aldori Dueling Mastery)
4 Thug +3 Brutal Beating, Sneak Attack +3d6 +1 Dexterity, Finesse Training (Dueling Sword)
5 Thug +4 Bewildering Injury, Debilitating Injury, Disorienting Injury, Hampering Injury, Uncanny Dodge Feat: Improved Unarmed Strike, Rogue Talent (Combat Trick: Crane Style)
6 Aldori Defender +5 Bravery Combat Bonus Feat: Crane Wing
7 Aldori Defender +6 Defensive Parry Feat: Cautious Fighter
8 Aldori Defender +7 +1 Dexterity, Combat Bonus Feat: Weapon Specialization (Dueling Sword)
9 Aldori Defender +8 Feat: Crane Riposte, Weapon Training (Heavy Blades)
10 Aldori Defender +9 Bravery +2, Disarming Strike
11 Aldori Defender +10 Feat: Combat Expertise
12 Aldori Defender +11 Steel Net +1 Dexterity
13 Aldori Defender +12 Weapon Training (Heavy Blades) +2 Feat: Combat Mobility, Weapon Training (Fighter’s Tactics)
14 Duelist +13 Canny Defense, Precise Strike
15 Duelist +14 Improved Reaction, Parry Feat: Outflank
16 Duelist +15 Enhanced Mobility +1 Dexterity
17 Duelist +16 Feat: Combat Reflex, Grace Feat: Seize the Moment
18 Duelist +17 Riposte
19 Duelist +18 Acrobatic Movement Feat: Blind Fight
20 Duelist +19 Elaborate Defense +1 Dexterity
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