Mourning Fighter

Mourning Fighter

Frontline DPS for normal mode difficulty (or lower) in Pathfinder Kingmaker. Effective from first level. Capitalizes on experience points obtained via successful Persuasion and Trickery skill checks. Build’s function is to dual wield the Mourning shortspears sold by traders at Rushlight and Pitax for 98,000 gold each. The endgame weapons can cast crushing despair (DC 21 vs Will) per hit and finger of death (DC 21 vs Will) per critical hit.

Ability Scores
Strength 19 Intelligence 10
Dexterity 15 Wisdom 10
Constitution 14 Charisma 10
Perception, Persuasion, Trickery
Level Class Bonus Class Features Selected Options
1 Fighter +1 Feat: Dodge, Combat Bonus Feat: Power Attack, Human Racial Feat: Weapon Focus (Shortspear)
2 Fighter +2 Bravery +1 Combat Bonus Feat: Cleave
3 Fighter +3 Armor Training +1 Feat: Cleaving Finish
4 Fighter +4 Combat Bonus Feat: Weapon Specialization (Shortspear)
5 Fighter +5 Weapon Training +1 Feat: Iron Will, Weapon Training Group: Spears
6 Fighter +6 Bravery +2 Combat Bonus Feat: Blind Fight
7 Fighter +7 Armor Training +2 Feat: Improved Iron Will
8 Fighter +8 Combat Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Focus (Shortspear)
9 Fighter +9 Weapon Training +2 Advanced Weapon Training Option: Effortless Dual-Wielding, Feat: Two-Weapon Fighting
10 Fighter +10 Bravery +3 Combat Bonus Feat: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
11 Fighter +11 Armor Training +3 Feat: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
12 Fighter +12 Combat Bonus Feat: Greater Weapon Specialization (Shortspear)
13 Fighter +13 Weapon Training +3 Feat: Improved Critical (Shortspear), Advanced Weapon Training Option: Armed Bravery
14 Fighter +14 Bravery +4 Combat Bonus Feat: Critical Focus
15 Fighter +15 Armor Training +4 Feat: Staggering Critical
16 Fighter +16 Combat Bonus Feat: Blinding Critical
17 Fighter +17 Weapon Training +4 Feat: Critical Mastery, Advanced Weapon Training Option: Trained Initiative
18 Fighter +18 Bravery +5 Combat Bonus Feat: Improved Initiative
19 Fighter +19 Armor Mastery Feat: Improved Blind Fight
20 Fighter +20 Weapon Mastery Combat Bonus Feat: Greater Blind Fight
mourning (2), wind breath, onslaught, belt of physical perfection +8, gloves of dueling, manticore skin boots, metal reborn, absolver’s cloak, ring of circumstances, daring duelist
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