Shou the Bladesmith

Shou the Bladesmith

Shou became a swordsman for one reason: Lixue. Born the same day and inseparable throughout childhood, a young Lixue would seek Shou once his daily responsibilities at the village blacksmith were complete. As seasons passed she developed into a flawless beauty; so much so it became a curse. Word spread of the maiden’s allure until the Empress decreed Lixue as her own. The evening before she was surrendered, Lixue and Shou laid together in requite passion.

The years thereafter Shou sojourned the continent, honing sword techniques into perfection. With each battle Shou’s blade encounters fewer equals; with each duel he prevails with greater ease. Shou has no delusions of the challenge awaiting him, assailing an impregnable fortress and combating the finest imperial legion, yet Lixue was always worth dying for.

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, is a tabletop role-playing game published by Modiphius Entertainment, based upon the iconic barbarian and legendary world created by Robert E. Howard. To justify an abysmal Awareness score, this adventurer was role-played as achromatopsia: meaning he could only see the colors black, white, and shades of grey.

Homeland Khitai Archetype Champion (CONAN the Mercenary, page 11)
Attributes Dexterous, Fast and Fit Nature Practical
Caste Crafter Education Traditional
Story The Quiet Hours of Peace War Story Survived a Duel
Trait Secret Past Language Khitan, Hyrkanian
Agi Awr Brw Cor Int Per Wil
12 6 8 12 9 8 8
Skill Exp Focus TN Skill Exp Focus TN
Acrobatics 1 1 13 Healing 1 1 10
Alchemy 1 1 10 Melee 5 5 17
Animal Handling 2 2 10 Parry 5 5 17
Command 1 1 9 Resistance 2 2 10
Craft 3 3 12 Warfare 1 1 10
Discipline 2 2 10
Blood on Steel: When rolling for damage with a Melee attack, Shou may spend one Momentum in order to add the Vicious 1 Quality to the weapon, or increase the weapon’s Vicious Quality by 1 if it already possesses the Quality.
Deflection: When making a Defend Reaction using the Parry skill, Shou can reduce the number of points added to Doom by 1, to a minimum of 0. This stacks with the weapon’s Parrying quality.
Journeyman: When making a Craft test, Shou may either roll one extra d20 or spend 1 Doom to reduce the difficulty of the test by one step.
No Mercy: When making a Melee attack, Shou may re-roll 2 damage dice, if desired. He must accept the results of the re-rolls.
Savage Court: In any scene within Khitai, Shou can make a free Challenging (D2) Lore test.
Subject: Whenever Shou pays Upkeep within Khitai, he can reduce the amount of Gold the Upkeep costs by one.
Tradesman: When Carousing, if Shou does not have sufficient Gold to pay his Upkeep, he may offer his services to a tradesman or to a guild in order to cover his Upkeep. However, he may not take any other actions during that period of Carousing.
Fortune Renown Standing Gold Upkeep
2 0 1 8 4
broadsword, 2 freshly forged krabi, mail hauberk with coif (Armor 3: Head/Arms/Torso; Heavy), fine robes embroidered with silk thread in Khitan tradition, small leather sack containing hair of a loved one, riding horse
Courage Vigor Resolve
0 10 10
Broadsword (M): Reach 2, 5D, Unbalanced, Parrying
Krabi (M): Reach 2, 4D, 1H, Parrying (CONAN the Wanderer, page 27)
Knife to the Throat (T): Range R, 4D mental, Stun, Vicious 1
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