Stormblade Adept

Stormblade Adept

Battlefield control for normal mode difficulty (or lower) in Pathfinder Kingmaker. Effective from second level. Capitalizes on experience points obtained via successful Lore (Nature), Persuasion, and Trickery skill checks. Utilize heroism and greater heroism to augment BAB for melee combat. Thunder Call provides a supplemental source of reliable damage. Deliberate focus on longsword for eventual acquisition of Perfection, which adds Inherent +2 to multiple stats. Medium armor proficiency for Singing Steel Breastplate towards endgame, but also Heart of Valor (located in the Dwarven Ruins) and Chainbreaker’s Chainmail (possible Tier 4 offering from Nazrielle).

Ability Scores
Strength 10 Intelligence 10
Dexterity 16 Wisdom 8
Constitution 16 Charisma 17
Lore (Nature) 17, Mobility 3, Perception, Persuasion, Trickery, Use Magic Device
Level Class Bonus Class Features Selected Options
1 Thundercaller +0 Bard Proficiency, Bound to the Land, Cantrips, Detect Magic, Inspire Courage Feat: Dodge, Human Racial Feat: Improved Unarmed Strike; cure light wounds, hideous laughter
2 Thundercaller +1 Well-Versed Bard Talent: Combat Trick (Weapon Finesse); grease
3 Thundercaller +2 Thunder Call (1d8) Feat: Crane Style; vanish
4 Thundercaller +3 +1 Charisma; heroism, mirror image
5 Thundercaller +3 Inspire Courage +2 Feat: Weapon Focus (Longsword); cacophonous call
6 Thundercaller +4 Fascinate, Incite Rage, Sneak Attack +2d6 Bard Talent: Combat Trick (Slashing Grace [Longsword]); sense vitals
7 Thundercaller +5 Bardic Performance (Move Action), Thunder Call (3d8) Feat: Lingering Performance; remove fear, displacement, haste
8 Thundercaller +6 Storm Call (3d6) +1 Charisma; confusion
9 Thundercaller +6 Inspire Greatness Feat: Crane Wing; cure serious wounds
10 Thundercaller +7 Jack of All Trades Bard Talent: Combat Trick (Armor Proficiency [Medium]); glitterdust, dimension door, echolocation
11 Thundercaller +8 Inspire Courage +3, Thunder Call (5d8) Feat: Crane Riposte; touch of gracelessness, greater invisibility
12 Thundercaller +9 Soothing Performance +1 Charisma; serenity
13 Thundercaller +9 Bardic Performance (Swift Action) Feat: Spell Focus (Enchantment); good hope, greater heroism, mass cacophonous call
14 Thundercaller +10 Greater Storm Call (5d6) Bard Talent: Combat Trick (Arcane Strike); cure moderate wounds, mind fog
15 Thundercaller +11 Inspire Heroics, Thunder Call (7d8) Feat: Greater Spell Focus (Enchantment); greater dispel magic
16 Thundercaller +12 +1 Charisma; cure critical wounds, brilliant inspiration, euphoric tranquility
17 Thundercaller +12 Inspire Courage +4 Feat: Spell Penetration; crushing despair, overwhelming presence
18 Thundercaller +13 Bard Talent: Combat Trick (Improved Initiative); mass cure moderate wounds
19 Thundercaller +14 Thunder Call (9d8) Feat: Greater Spell Penetration; joyful rapture
20 Thundercaller +15 Deadly Performance +1 Charisma
perfection, charm of the deep waters, singing steel breastplate, belt of physical perfection +8, butterfly wings, manticore skin boots, headband of inspired wisdom +6, strigoi’s embrace, daring duelist, ring of circumstances, forest knight’s bracers
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