Trippin Mad Dawg

Trippin Mad Dawg

Trip combatant for normal mode difficulty (or lower) in Pathfinder Kingmaker. Effective from first level. Capitalizes on experience points obtained via successful Athletics, Lore (Nature), Persuasion, and Trickery skill checks. Endgame weapons of choice include Tyrant at Lonely Barrow (accessible before Troll Trouble through exploitation of dimension door) and Overthrow sold by Issili in the House at the Edge of Time. Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Fauchard) for wielding Mastery, the masterpiece of artisan Shaynih’a.

Ability Scores
Strength 18 Intelligence 13
Dexterity 15 Wisdom 10
Constitution 14 Charisma 10
Athletics 13, Lore (Nature), Perception, Persuasion, Trickery
Level Class Bonus Class Features Selected Options
1 Mad Dog +1 Barbarian Proficiency, Fast Movement Animal Companion (Wolf), Feat: Combat Expertise, Human Racial Feat: Trip
2 Mad Dog +2 Pack Tactics
3 Mad Dog +3 Danger Sense Feat: Fury’s Fall
4 Mad Dog +4 Rage +1 Dexterity, Rage Power: Animal Fury
5 Mad Dog +5 Ferocious Fetch Feat: Combat Reflexes
6 Sacred Huntsmaster +5 Detect Magic, Enlarge, Inquisitor Proficiency, Orisons, Stern Gaze Gozreh (Plant); bless, true strike
7 Sacred Huntsmaster +6 Cunning Initiative, Improved Animal Companion Feat: Greater Trip; remove fear
8 Sacred Huntsmaster +7 Solo Tactics, Hunter Tactics +1 Strength, Teamwork Feat: Tandem Trip; cure light wounds
9 Mad Dog +8 Danger Sense +2 Feat: Coordinated Maneuvers
10 Mad Dog +9
11 Mad Dog +10 Feat: Outflank, Rage Power: Lethal Stance
12 Mad Dog +11 Danger Sense +3 +1 Strength
13 Mad Dog +12 Damage Reduction 1 Feat: Power Attack
14 Mad Dog +13 Greater Rage
15 Mad Dog +14 Danger Sense +4 Feat: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Fauchard), Rage Power: Lesser Beast Totem
16 Mad Dog +15 Damage Reduction 2 +1 Strength
17 Mad Dog +16 Throat Cutter Feat: Extra Rage Power (Beast Totem)
18 Mad Dog +17 Danger Sense +5
19 Mad Dog +18 Damage Reduction 3 Feat: Blind Fight, Rage Power: Greater Beast Totem
20 Mad Dog +19 Tireless Rage +1 Strength
tyrant, ironclad will, mastery, overthrow, wind breath, black dragon breastplate, belt of physical perfection +8, butterfly wings, manticore skin boots, headband of inspired wisdom +6, cloak of the winter wolf, ring of circumstances, daring duelist, bracers of deflection, potion of heroism, scroll of righteous might, scroll of spell resistance, scroll of cleanse, scroll of heal, wand of greater invisibility
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